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Welcome to the reference documentation for Visionaire. This is a documentation for programmers discussing lua features and keeping track of advanced functions. If you're not to savy on programming you can still use the finished scripts.

Editor - Known Issues


VersionFile VersionDateLink
Beta 180 February 2017!/
RC0 181 April 2017!/
RC0 Update 181 April 2017
RC1 183 June 2017!/
RC2 187 August 2017
RC2 Update 187 September 2017
Final 190 November 2017
Final Bugfix 190 November 2017
5.0.4 194 March 2018
5.0.5 195 June 2018
5.0.6 195 June 2018
5.0.7 196 Oktober 2018
5.0.8 196 November 2018
5.0.9 196 February 2019
5.1.0 197 March 2020

New Features in V5

Drag and Drop

You can drag drop files in the following areas:

Search and Context Menu

The context menu to objects now allow:

The search bar searches in every part of the ved. The lua scope is automatically indexed in the background and can also be searched. You can also search for object references:


CTRL+T duplicate current tab into new tab. CTRL+N open new window (only in windows).


Audio System

The audio system has 2 parts, a mixer hierarchy and a container list.

The mixer hierarchy allows you to modify sound properties and add effects. Sounds and speech can be assigned to a bus via the 4 standardbusses or on a per character basis.

The container list allows to play sounds in different ways. Containers can be started with the fade action part or via assigned them to scenes.

Mix Container: The container plays all subcontainers and their properties can be modified via blendtracks and automations. Random Container: Plays sounds under this container randomly or in sequence. Switch Container: Allows to switch between sounds with fades or synced by using a sync container. Sync Container: Allows to set a timeline when sounds are played.

More info

Particle System


The debugger and profiler work by TCP. Debugging can be started via F5.



Video Encoding

Recommended for mobile/desktop: VP8-VP9 with ogg/opus Recommended for consoles: H264 with ogg






Desktop platforms support all features.


Not all features work on mobile although theoretically everything should be supported. You need an OpenGLES compatible phone with armv7 and Android 5 or at least iOS 10.


The build can not be started from file, you need to use a webserver.

HTML5 has the least features. There is no support for videos, audio containers/effects, 3d characters.

You need Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. A good guideline is the Audio API support:

Platform Export and Portability


If you export from Mac set the graphics interface to gl because shaders can't be compiled for DX11 on Mac.




Your ipas need to be signed manually. Use something like


obb Export

For Apps using more than 100MB you need to use expansion packs for the Play Store. Visionaire needs the base64 key from google apis.


ogg opus only, no videos.

must be run in a webserver.


Engine Documentation

Texthandling and p-tags

<vi=valuename> insert int value of value <vs=valuename> insert string value of value

<p> Pause until mouse click <pt> Automatic pause (character count * 130ms * VGameTextSpeed%) <pa> Pause until audio played <p1> Pause 1 second <p1s> Pause 1 second
<p1ms> Pause 1 millisecond

Text is broken up between p-Tags.


Command group Actions

Normal Command Combined Command Give Command


Interface border Position

Coin Interface



Lua Basics

If you're a beginner to programming lua might be one of the easier languages to start with, although most of the basics are the same as in other languages.

If you know programming languages and just want some syntax, look here:

Point of Execution

Lua code can be executed in the action part call script / execute script or with a definition script. Scripts that are marked as definition script will run when the engine starts, others can be called with call script action part.

Object Access

game.CurrentCharacter -- gets a field of the game object
Fonts[1] -- gets the first object in the Fonts table
Fonts.__len -- gets the size of the table
Fonts.Name -- access by name, alpha numeric names and the letter _ are allowed, but the first letter must be a letter.
Fonts["0-name"] -- alternate access for complicated names

Fonts[1].Size -- access a field value
Fonts[1].Size = 10 -- write a field value

Visionaire saves all data in tables containing objects. These objects contain fields with different types. All fields can be read and written from lua, but not all fields have event handlers, that will update the value in the engine.

All tables and the game object are exported to lua and can accessed there. Tables can be iterated with numbers and names.

The table names are globals corresponding to their name.

Once you have an object you can read and write fields as members of that object.



local b = game.FullScreenIntro
game.FullScreenIntro = true

A simple boolean, true or false.


local b = game.ScrollSpeed
game.ScrollSpeed = 100

A simple 32bit integer.


local b = game.Description
game.Description = ""

A simple string.


local b = game.Intro
game.Intro = ""

Paths are essentially strings but are used to distinguish from strings.


local b = game.CurrentCharacter.Size
game.CurrentCharacter.Size = 0.0

A 32bit float.


local b = game.ScrollPosition
game.ScrollPosition = {x=0, y=0}

-- just to clarify that this won't work as the table you are given is not a reference
game.ScrollPosition.x=0 -- doesn't work

A point, handled as a table with x and y values as integers.


local b = game.CurrentScene.ScrollableArea
game.CurrentScene.ScrollableArea = {x=0, y=0, width=100, height=100}

-- just to clarify that this won't work as the table you are given is not a reference
game.CurrentScene.ScrollableArea.x=0 -- doesn't work

A rect, handled as a table with x, y, width and height values as integers.


A sprite, will be a table with the properties:
path string
position point/table
transparency int
transpcolor int
pause int

game.CurrentCharacter.Size = 0.0 -- CurrentCharacter is a link
game.CurrentCharacter = emptyObject -- link is cleared
game.CurrentCharacter = Characters[1]

A link to an object, the object will be returned on access. The link can be set with an object.

game.CurrentCharacter.Items = {} -- clearing the list
local b = game.CurrentCharacter.Items.Name -- access by name
local b = game.CurrentCharacter.Items[1] -- access by number

A list of links, it can iterated with numbers and names of the objects.


A text object, which contains one language text. Has the properties:
text: string
sound: string
language: int, id of the language


A list of rects.


A list of sprites.


A list of points.


A list of strings.


A list of ints.


A list of paths.


A list of floats.


A list of texts.

Visionaire specific










Name Param2 (string)
ComposedFileMissing path


Name Param2 (string)
SaveSyncFailed file;reason
SaveSyncSuccess file


Name Param2 (string)
UserRemoved id
UserAdded id
UserDisplayInfoChanged id
OnlineStateChanged state
SignInCompleted id
SignOutCompleted id
SignOutStarted id


The engine allows certain parts to be hooked and behaviour changed.

Hooks can be set by registerHookFunction.


local sprite = graphics.loadFromFile("vispath:test.png")

-- result
local sprite = graphics.loadFromFile("test.png#000#00000#")

If a game is exported, all paths are extended with container numbers:


For these paths to be replaced and exported in your scripts they need to be prepended by "vispath:".


-- using without shader toolkit
local shaderId = shaderCompile(Shaders.ShaderName.Compiled)
Objects.Objekt0.ShaderSet = shaderId
function mLoop()
registerEventHandler("mainLoop", "mLoop") 

-- using with shader toolkit
local name = "ShaderName"
shader_effects[name] = { shader = Shaders.ShaderName.Compiled }
shaderRemoveEffect( name)
game.CurrentScene.Objects.Objekt0.ShaderSet = shader_effects[name].num.num 
shader_effects[ name].num.speed = 0.2 
bind(name, "time", field("shader_iTime"))

-- using as fullscreen effect
local name = "ShaderName"
shader_effects[name] = { shader = Shaders.ShaderName.Compiled }
shader_effects[ name].num.speed = 0.2 
bind(name, "time", field("shader_iTime"))

-- setting uniforms
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "mat4", {0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0})
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "mat3", {0,0,0, 0,0,0, 0,0,0})
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "vec4", {0,0,0,0})
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "vec3", {0,0,0})
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "vec2", {0,0})
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "float", 0)
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "_i_int", 0)
graphics.shaderUniform(shaderId, "_t_texture", "vispath:data.png")

Visionaire Studio offers a simple shader cross compiler that works with OpenGL ES 2.0 syntax. These shaders are compiled to GLSL, HLSL for DX9 and DX11. If you're on a Mac, these shaders are only compiled for GLSL.

Shaders can be used in conjunction with the shadertoolkit or on its own and applied on to objects, characters or buttons. It's also possible to assign the same shader to multiple objects.

Not all functions travel well between HLSL and GLSL. If you want to use the shader for objects you need to keep the attribute layout and names (vertex in: vec2 position, vec2 uv). Also the matrix will be set into mat4 mvp_mat and the texture in sampler2D texel.

ShaderUniform is used to set textures and values. You can set integers by prefixing the names with _i_. Textures are set by prefixing _t_. DO NOT prefix your variables in the shader, _t_texture will look for texture.


startTween(field, from, to, duration, easing[, repeat, reverse])
startObjectTween(obj, field, from, to, time, easing[, repeat, reverse])
obj:to(time, table, easing[, repeat, reverse])
setDelay(time, function)

startTween("q", q, 3, 3000, easeBackInOut)
game:to(3000, { ScrollPosition = {x = 100, y = 0} }, easeBackInOut)
setDelay(3000, function()
    game:to(3000, { ScrollPosition = {x = 0, y = 0} }, easeBackInOut)

Tweening simplifies simple animations for your game. This can currently only be done with lua. The tween updates the value every frame for the duration of the effect.

Tweens work on lua fields and objects for 3 field types: t_int, t_float, t_point.

Tweens allow different types of easing:

All types can be set to In, Out or InOut. These are exported as constants in lua: Easing.

Tweens can also be set to repeat and to reverse repeat.

Tweens are overwritten if they are set again.

Previews for easing types can found here:


Settings and config.ini






Tween + Curves

-- Move particle system on a curve and rotate
startCallbackTween(30000, function(x) 
  local pos = game.CurrentScene.Curves[3]:curveAt(x)
  local direction = game.CurrentScene.Curves[3]:curveDirection(x) - 1.57
  local p = graphics.getParticles(game.CurrentScene.Objects.moving)
  p.emissionDirection = {0.0, direction, 0.0, direction} = {pos.x,pos.y}
end, easeLinearIn, true, false)

Text Scroll Pane

textPane = graphics.createTextScrollPane()
textPane.padding = 30
textPane.rect = {x=300,y=100,width=1000,height=700} = "vispath:bg.png"
textPane.bg9R = {x=55,y=53,width=55,height=53}
textPane.scroll = "vispath:scroll.png"
textPane.scrollHover = "vispath:scroll_h.png"
textPane.scroll9R = {x=0,y=9,width=0,height=9}
textPane.scrollUp = "vispath:up.png"
textPane.scrollDown = "vispath:down.png"
textPane.scrollUpHover = "vispath:up_h.png"
textPane.scrollDownHover = "vispath:down_h.png"
textPane.button = Buttons.textpos
textPane.alwaysShowScrollbar = true

textPane:addText(getObject("(8,0)").Link, Fonts[1], 0xffffff, 0, 0, "")
textPane:addText(getObject("(8,0)").Link, Fonts[2], 0xffff00, 40, 10, "bullet:cursor.png")
textPane:addText(getObject("(8,0)").Link, Fonts[3], 0xff0000, 80, 10, "vispath:bullet.png", {x=-5,y=5})
textPane:addText(getObject("(8,1)").Link, Fonts[3], 0x0000ff, 80, 10, "vispath:bullet.png", {x=-5,y=5})
textPane:addText(getObject("(8,0)").Link, Fonts[3], 0x00ff00, 80, 10, "vispath:bullet.png", {x=-5,y=5})
textPane:addText(getObject("(8,0)").Link, Fonts[1], 0x0000ff, 0, 10, "")

textPane.scrollPosition = textPane.scrollPosition + textPane.lineHeight * 3 -- manual scrolling, will clamp automatically

--textPane2:destroy() -- to hide

Finished Scripts


shaderBrightness(0.0, 1.0)


Rotate Animation

-- Examples:
setRotateAnimation(Objects["tree1"], 1.0, 0.3, 0.2, 3, graphics.noise)
setRotateAnimation(Objects["tree2"], 1.0, 0.0, 0.2, 3, math.sin)
setRotateAnimation(Objects["tree3"], 1.0, 0.0, 0.2, 3, function(a)return math.sin(graphics.noise(a)) end)

setRotateAnimation(object, speed, offset, strength, direction, func)
-- func can be: function(a)return math.sin(graphics.noise( a )) end
setRotateAnimationToStrength(objectnamestring, speed, offset, strengthFrom, strengthTo, direction, function, time) -> smooth Rotation From - To Strength

-- direction/pinned side:
-- 1 - down, 2 - up, 3 - left, 4 - right

This script allow simple animations that look a tree moving with wind, but can also be used for other things.

setRotateAnimation(object, speed, offset, strength, direction, func)

This can used to apply it to an object.

setRotateAnimationForLua(object, speed, offset, strength, direction, func)

This is used for lua sprites.

setRotateAnimationToStrength(objectnamestring, speed, offset, strengthFrom, strengthTo, direction, function, time)

Animates the strength of an effect.


downloadMemory("http://url...", function(s,code,param) 
  sprite = graphics.loadMemoryJPG(s)

downloadMemory("http://url...", function(s,code,param) 

downloadFile("http://url...", localAppDir.."/file.txt", function() 

Allows simple downloading of images or text files. Don't download big files with this.

downloadFile(httpurl, file, onFinish, onProgress)

Saves to a file.

downloadMemory(httpurl, onFinish, onProgress)

Will return the result to onFinish.



Allows showing videos for scene objects.

addMovie(object, path, loop, blend)

addMovieScaled(object, path, scaleX, scaleY, loop, blend)


S stands for a field that is written into savegames. E is a field on which changes are immediately updated into the engine = scriptable. Not all eventhandlers have been added here.



818 IconFile t_path
819 BuildOptions t_string
820 ShaderLinks t_links
824 PreviewScene t_link
821 FS t_string
822 VS t_string
823 Compiled t_string

RC0 Update



826 SmoothScrolling t_bool
825 Character t_link


834 AudioMixLinks t_links
835 AudioContainerLinks t_links
840 OverlayVisibility t_int
841 OverlayColor t_int
843 SaveNameOffsetY t_int
839 HarmonizeWalkAnimations t_bool
838 AudioBusses t_links
846 Value t_link
847 ValueOperator t_int
848 ValueInt t_int
849 Pauses t_vint
844 Conditions t_links
845 ConditionsNegate
805 Float t_float
830 Links t_links
829 Type t_int
831 Settings t_string
836 Values t_links
837 Events t_links
850 OutputBus t_link

RC2 Update



851 DefaultSpeechBus t_link
852 DefaultSoundBus t_link
853 WalksoundBus t_link
854 DefaultMusicBus t_link
856 Cursor t_link
857 CustomActionParts t_vstring
863 Plugins t_links
855 AudioBus t_link
867 ModelTurnSpeed t_int
864 Action t_link
865 StartBus t_link
866 StopBus t_link
860 Active t_bool
861 Directory t_string
862 Data t_string

Final Bugfix



877 BlockContainers t_links
880 WaitCursor t_link
882 Value t_link
883 ValueOperator t_int
884 ValueInt t_int
879 TestCharacter t_link
885 Value t_link
886 ValueOperator t_int
887 ValueInt t_int
881 LinkedObjects t_links
870 Blocks t_links
875 TypeName t_string
874 Config t_string
873 Links t_links
876 Position t_point
878 Active t_bool


890 Behaviours t_links
888 Visibility t_int
889 Type t_int




891 LeftClickBehaviour t_int
895 Points t_vpoint
896 Type t_int



game -1

370 Id t_string custom identifier
537 SaveGameName t_string Name of the savegame (only in savegames)
117 SceneLinks t_links All scenes
118 CharacterLinks t_links All characters
662 Interfaces t_links All interfaces
120 FontLinks t_links All fonts
259 Languages t_links All languages
121 FirstScene t_link First scene
349 Items t_links All items
358 Loading t_link Loading screen Loadings
124 Description t_string Description
125 About t_string About
126 WindowResolution t_point Resolution
215 Cursors t_links All cursors
224 Intro t_path Intro movie
244 CommandBehaviour t_int 0 always set standard command 1 never set standard command 2 set standard command on success
234 FadeDelay t_int scene fade duration
246 ScrollSpeed t_int scroll speed
247 FullScreenIntro t_bool unused
303 FirstCharacter t_link first character
305 DraggableItems t_bool are items draggable
306 StandardLanguage t_link current language
318 Actions t_links keyboard/mouse actions
368 StartAction t_link start action
337 RightClickAction t_link right click action
369 Reserved t_string unused
377 HoldTime t_int time until hold event occurs
379 LeftDblClickAction t_link left double click action
381 LeftHoldAction t_link left hold action
386 LeftHoldingAction t_link moving while holding: left holding action
448 ParticleContainerLinks t_links all particlecontainers
547 FadeEffect t_int #transitions
548 MinificationFilter t_int 0 linear 1 nearest neighbour
549 MagnificationFilter t_int 0 linear 1 nearest neighbour
468 CurrentCharacter t_link current character
469 CurrentScene t_link current scene
470 ScrollPosition t_point current scroll position
471 ScrollToPoint t_point scroll to point
472 ScrollTo t_bool true if currently scrolling to point
473 ScrollDirectionHorizontal t_int
474 ScrollDirectionVertical t_int
476 Dialog t_link current dialog
477 CurrentText t_link current activetext
628 AutoHideInterfacesInMenu t_bool hide interfaces if current scene is menu
479 HideInterfaces t_bool interfaces hidden
480 HideCursor t_bool cursor hidden
481 DialogAction t_link temporary action generated by dialog
482 CurrentDialogAction t_link unused
483 DestinationCommand t_link command used at destination
484 DestinationItem t_link item used at destination
485 DestinationItemPicked t_bool is item picked
615 DestinationEvent t_int event id at destination
486 SavedObject t_link saved object
561 ScrollCenterCharacter t_bool should center character
611 ScrollCharacter t_link which character to center
563 LeftClickAction t_link left click action
565 AlwaysAllowSkipText t_bool allow skipping text while in cutscene
578 ExecuteActionsDuringDialog t_bool if no, no event actions are started during dialog
579 HiddenDialog t_link saves dialog if changed to a menu
582 AlignCharacterOnImExecution t_bool
583 TextOutput t_int
616 ComposedFile t_path
617 SceneComposedFiles t_int
618 SceneComposedFile t_path
619 CharacterComposedFiles t_int
620 CharacterComposedFile t_path
621 MovieComposedFiles t_int
622 MovieComposedFile t_path
627 Version t_string
610 ActiveCommand t_link
588 DrawActionText t_int
589 ActionTextFont t_link
590 ActionTextRect t_rect
629 Quake t_bool
630 QuakeForce t_int
631 QuakeSpeed t_int
592 SpeakerTextAlignment t_int
593 TextAlignment t_int
633 CutsceneAction t_link
642 KeepCharacterSpritesDuringMenus t_bool
643 DisableInteractionDuringAnim t_int
646 TextSpeed t_int
651 ScriptLinks t_links
661 InterfaceClasses t_links
667 HorizontalScrollDistance t_int
668 VerticalScrollDistance t_int
669 PictureCacheSize t_int
670 InterfaceComposedFiles t_int
671 InterfaceComposedFile t_path
682 GameComposedFiles t_int
683 GameComposedFile t_path
685 ObjectFont t_link
686 UsedItem t_link
687 CurrentObject t_link
689 CursorHorizontalScrollDistance t_int
690 CursorVerticalScrollDistance t_int
699 VideosEncrypted t_bool
700 CompanyName t_string
701 GameName t_string
702 ObjectTextOutput t_int
730 UsedItemPicked t_bool
731 PreloadPicThreads t_int
732 PreloadedPicBufferSize t_int
733 PicBufferSize t_int
735 VideoSubtitleFont t_link
736 VideoSubtitlePosition t_point
737 VideoSubtitleLanguage t_string
738 VideoAudioLanguage t_string
743 PreallocatedTextures t_int
745 NearestNeighborInterpolation t_bool
755 SpeechLanguage t_link
758 SpeakerSoundPanFactor t_int
759 RegisteredEventHandlers t_string
763 ShowBlackScreenAfterVideo t_bool
764 SavegameScreenshot t_path
766 MiddleClickAction t_link
767 MouseWheelUpAction t_link
768 MouseWheelDownAction t_link
780 LeftHoldBehaviour t_int
781 MiddleClickBehaviour t_int
782 RightClickBehaviour t_int
787 ShaderExclude t_int
788 VideoPauseScreen t_path
790 ExecuteCalledActionImmediately t_bool
803 Containers t_vstring
804 BuildRules t_vstring
818 IconFile t_path
819 BuildOptions t_string
820 ShaderLinks t_links
826 SmoothScrolling t_bool
834 AudioMixLinks t_links
835 AudioContainerLinks t_links
840 OverlayVisibility t_int
841 OverlayColor t_int
843 SaveNameOffsetY t_int
851 DefaultSpeechBus t_link
852 DefaultSoundBus t_link
853 WalksoundBus t_link
854 DefaultMusicBus t_link
856 Cursor t_link
857 CustomActionParts t_vstring
863 Plugins t_links
877 BlockContainers t_links
880 WaitCursor t_link
890 Behaviours t_links
891 LeftClickBehaviour t_int

Characters 0

271 Name t_link
272 WalkingSound t_path
585 Interfaces t_links
275 Font t_link
276 CurrentOutfit t_link current outfit
277 CurrentCommentSet t_link
283 DialogCursor t_link
278 Dialogs t_links
280 Actions t_links
281 Outfits t_links
282 CommentSets t_links
311 StartObject t_link
334 Values t_links
331 Conditions t_links
456 Scale t_bool
457 ActiveDialogFont t_link
581 InactiveDialogFont t_link
458 DialogArea t_rect
459 DialogActiveScrollUp t_sprite
460 DialogInactiveScrollUp t_sprite
461 DialogActiveScrollDown t_sprite
462 DialogInactiveScrollDown t_sprite
463 DialogSprite t_sprite
464 DialogVerticalSpace t_int
502 Active t_bool
503 Scene t_link
504 FollowCharacter t_link
505 ActionCharacter t_link
506 FollowAction t_link
507 FollowReachDistance t_int
508 AnimState t_int
599 Direction t_int
511 State t_int
512 Position t_point
513 Destination t_point
515 DestinationObject t_link
517 ActiveCommand t_link
564 AnimIndex t_int
566 ScaleFactor t_int
595 Visibility t_int
596 DestVisibility t_int
597 TimeToDestVisibility t_int
663 Items t_links
664 Tint t_int
734 ActionDestPosition t_point
749 Size t_float
793 MatrixId t_int
795 ShaderSet t_int
801 LightmapActive t_bool
839 HarmonizeWalkAnimations t_bool
855 AudioBus t_link

Interfaces 1

138 ScrollStepSize t_int
238 Sprite t_sprite
140 Buttons t_links
298 StandardCommand t_link
302 Offset t_point
314 Displacement t_int
320 ActionTextFont t_link
319 ActionTextRect t_rect
324 Size t_int
325 Border t_vpoint
388 LeaveAction t_link
452 Conditions t_links
453 Values t_links
609 ItemsScrollPosition t_int
606 Visible t_bool
603 Visibility t_int
604 DestVisibility t_int
605 TimeToDestVisibility t_int
607 ActiveCommand t_link
587 DrawActionText t_bool
659 InterfaceClass t_link
688 Position t_point
789 ShowAlways t_bool
802 MatrixId t_int

Buttons 2

342 ActiveSprite t_link
343 InactiveSprite t_link
229 Cursor t_link
295 Name t_link
296 Conjunction t_link
297 Type t_int
612 CommandType t_int
336 Use t_int
613 UseOnCurrentCharacter t_bool
454 Polygon t_vpoint
455 Actions t_links
543 Condition t_link
544 ConditionNegate t_bool
545 Animation t_link
546 Animations t_links
567 Draggable t_bool
584 Group t_links
796 Rotation t_float
797 RotationCenter t_point
798 ShaderSet t_int
799 Scale t_float
800 MatrixId t_int
814 ScaleX t_float
815 ScaleY t_float
882 Value t_link
883 ValueOperator t_int
884 ValueInt t_int
888 Visibility t_int

Fonts 3

248 Sprite t_sprite
143 Letters t_vrect
249 Alphabet t_string
250 LetterSpacing t_int
540 VerticalLetterSpacing t_int
623 SpaceWidth t_int
634 AutoLineBreak t_bool
635 LineWidth t_int
703 Kerning t_string
769 TrueTypeFont t_bool
770 Font t_link
771 TrueTypeFontPath t_path
772 Size t_float
773 Color t_int
774 Border t_bool
775 BorderColor t_int
776 BorderSize t_float
777 Shadow t_bool
778 ShadowOffset t_point

Scenes 4

236 Sprite t_sprite
364 Name t_link
132 BackgroundMusic t_path
365 ContinueMusic t_bool
133 CDTrack t_int
315 MusicVolume t_int
316 MusicBalance t_int
136 Objects t_links
232 ScrollOnEdges t_bool
292 IsMenu t_bool
293 Cursor t_link
322 SavegameAreas t_vrect
323 SavegameScrollStep t_int
332 Values t_links
330 Conditions t_links
335 Actions t_links
348 SavegameFont t_link
441 ParticleSystem t_link
550 LightMap t_path
568 ScrollableArea t_rect
594 Brightness t_int
640 WaySystems t_links
641 CurrentWaySystem t_link
681 ActionAreas t_links
765 SavegameScreenshot t_path
794 ShaderSet t_int
838 AudioBusses t_links
879 TestCharacter t_link
892 Curves t_links

Points 5

145 Size t_int
146 Position t_point
147 Relations t_links

Objects 6

251 Name t_link
341 Polygon t_vpoint
222 Direction t_int
169 Condition t_link
170 Sprite t_link
171 Animation t_link
172 Actions t_links
175 Conditions t_links
176 Animations t_links
329 Center t_int
333 Values t_links
339 Position t_point
350 IsItem t_bool
359 ConditionNegate t_bool
384 IsWalkable t_bool
467 ParticleSystem t_link
538 ScrollFactorX t_int
539 ScrollFactorY t_int
600 Visibility t_int
601 DestVisibility t_int
602 TimeToDestVisibility t_int
665 SnoopAnimation t_link
666 SnoopAnimationPos t_point
779 Offset t_point
783 Rotation t_float
784 RotationCenter t_point
785 ShaderSet t_int
786 Scale t_float
791 Model t_path
792 MatrixId t_int
812 ScaleX t_float
813 ScaleY t_float
846 Value t_link
847 ValueOperator t_int
848 ValueInt t_int

Actions 7

159 ExecutionType t_int
160 Fixture t_link
161 Command t_link
162 ActionParts t_links

ActionParts 8

179 Command t_int
180 Link t_link
181 Path t_path
242 Int t_int
290 AltLink t_link
291 AltInt t_int
591 AltInt2 t_int
654 String t_string

Animations 9

184 LoopRandom t_bool
187 NumberOfLoops t_int
188 Pause t_int
189 Position t_point
190 Action t_link
235 Sprites t_vsprite
284 Mirror t_link
285 Direction t_int
338 Move t_bool
344 UseIndividualPause t_bool
367 Center t_point
576 PropertyFrames t_links
656 Replay t_int
726 ModelAnimIndex t_int
727 ModelAnimSpeed t_int
760 WalkSteps t_vfloat
808 ModelFile t_path
809 ModelName t_string
811 EndDirection t_int
849 Pauses t_vint

Conditions 10

193 IsVariable t_bool
194 Value t_bool
195 ReturnNegate t_bool
198 Operator t_int
844 Conditions t_links
845 ConditionsNegate

Dialogs 11

202 DialogParts t_links
825 Character t_link

DialogParts 12

204 Condition t_link
614 ConditionNegate t_bool
205 Text t_link
206 Action t_link
655 LinkedAction t_link
286 AnswerText t_link
287 Return t_int
288 Remove t_bool
289 NextDialog t_link
465 AltText t_link
466 UseAltText t_bool
317 Available t_bool
885 Value t_link
886 ValueOperator t_int
887 ValueInt t_int

Sprites 13

237 Sprite t_sprite

Texts 14

761 TextLanguages t_vtext

Cursors 15

647 ActiveAnimation t_link
648 InactiveAnimation t_link

CommentSets 16

557 Entries t_links

Outfits 17

267 WalkAnimations t_links
268 TalkAnimations t_links
321 RandomAnimations t_links
269 CharacterAnimations t_links
383 StandingAnimations t_links
270 CharacterSpeed t_int
708 Model t_path
710 CameraHeight t_int
711 CameraAngle t_int
712 UseLight t_bool
713 LightPosX t_float
714 LightPosY t_float
715 LightPosZ t_float
716 LightColor t_int
718 ModelScaleFactor t_int
721 ModelUseToonShading t_bool
722 ModelToonNuances t_int
723 ModelShowOutline t_bool
724 ModelOutlineColor t_int
725 ModelOutlineWidth t_int
728 ModelTextures t_vpath
729 AmbientLightColor t_int
750 ModelShadowVisibility t_int
756 RandomMinTime t_int
757 RandomMaxTime t_int
751 ModelShadow t_int
752 ModelAmbientOcclusion t_int
762 SlideWalkAnimation t_bool
807 ModelFiles t_vpath
810 TurnAnimations t_links
867 ModelTurnSpeed t_int

Languages 18


TextLanguages 19

256 Text t_string
257 Sound t_path
258 Language t_link

Values 20

328 Int t_int
345 Random t_bool
346 RandomMin t_int
347 RandomMax t_int
632 String t_string
805 Float t_float

Loadings 21

357 Music t_path
353 Sprite t_sprite
355 StatusSprite t_sprite
356 StatusCover t_bool

Particles 22

392 Texture t_path
393 MaterialMode t_int
394 TilesX t_int
395 TilesY t_int
396 Type t_int
399 EmitterType t_int
403 MaxParticles t_int
404 PerTime t_float
405 PhiX t_int
406 PhiY t_int
407 MinSize t_float
408 MaxSize t_float
409 MinVelocity t_float
410 MaxVelocity t_float
411 MinLife t_int
412 MaxLife t_int
413 MinColor t_int
414 MaxColor t_int
415 RotationX t_int
416 RotationZ t_int
417 ActiveStages t_int
418 BlendColor0 t_int
419 BlendColor1 t_int
420 BlendColor2 t_int
421 BlendColor3 t_int
422 BlendColorCurve0 t_vfloat
423 BlendColorCurve1 t_vfloat
424 BlendColorCurve2 t_vfloat
425 BlendColorCurve3 t_vfloat
426 ColorControlPoints0 t_vint
427 ColorControlPoints1 t_vint
428 ColorControlPoints2 t_vint
429 ColorControlPoints3 t_vint
430 ForceType t_int
431 ForceStrength t_float
432 ForceRotationX t_int
433 ForceRotationZ t_int
434 ForceXPos t_float
435 ForceYPos t_float
436 ForceZPos t_float
437 ForceBlend t_float
438 BlendSizeCurve t_vfloat
439 SizeControlPoints t_vint
443 BlendMaxTile t_int
444 BlendTilesCurve t_vfloat
445 BlendTilesControlPoints t_vint
741 PosX t_int
742 PosY t_int
746 EmitterSizeX t_int
747 EmitterSizeY t_int
748 EmitterSizeZ t_int

ParticleContainers 23

451 Particles t_links
446 CameraZPosition t_float
447 CameraZoom t_float
442 LeadTime t_int
806 Settings t_string
824 PreviewScene t_link

ActiveTexts 24

624 SavedObject t_link
521 RemainingText t_string
522 CurrentText t_string
523 Position t_point
524 TimeToWait t_int
525 TimeElapsed t_int
526 Font t_link
527 Background t_bool
529 Active t_bool
530 WaitForAudio t_bool
684 Owner t_link
744 Alignment t_int

ActiveActions 25

625 SavedObject t_link
488 ActionPartStarted t_bool
489 ActionPartIndex t_int
490 ContinueWaitForEndIfElse t_int
491 TimerStarted t_bool
492 PauseTime t_int
842 SavedValue t_int

ActiveAnimations 26

626 SavedObject t_link
493 Loops t_int
541 PlayOppositeDirection t_bool
494 CurrentSpriteIndex t_int
495 CurrentSpritePos t_point
496 CurrentPosition t_point
497 CalledTime t_int
499 Size t_float
500 Waiting t_bool
501 WaitingTime t_int
542 FrameCount t_int
577 Preloaded t_bool
580 Active t_bool
644 FirstFrame t_int
645 LastFrame t_int
691 StartedByUser t_bool

CommentSetEntries 27

559 Text t_link
560 Command t_link

AnimationFrames 28

571 Index t_int
572 Sound t_path
573 SoundVolume t_int
574 SoundBalance t_int
575 Action t_link

WaySystems 29

638 Border t_vpoint
639 Points t_links

Scripts 30

652 Script t_string
653 Type t_int

InterfaceClasses 31

660 Name t_string

ActionAreas 32

674 Polygon t_vpoint
675 Actions t_links

AreaActions 33

678 Character t_link
679 ExecuteAlways t_bool
680 Action t_link

ScriptVariables 34

695 ValueType t_int
694 KeyType t_int
696 Value t_string
697 IsGlobalVar t_bool
698 Items t_links

Models 35

706 Model t_path
707 Textures t_vpath

Shaders 36

821 FS t_string
822 VS t_string
823 Compiled t_string

AudioBusses 37

830 Links t_links
829 Type t_int
831 Settings t_string
836 Values t_links
837 Events t_links
850 OutputBus t_link
881 LinkedObjects t_links

Events 38

864 Action t_link
865 StartBus t_link
866 StopBus t_link

Plugins 39

860 Active t_bool
861 Directory t_string
862 Data t_string

BlockContainers 40

870 Blocks t_links

Blocks 41

875 TypeName t_string
874 Config t_string
873 Links t_links
876 Position t_point
878 Active t_bool
889 Type t_int

Curves 42

895 Points t_vpoint
896 Type t_int


-1Command Link AltLink Int AltInt AltInt2 String Path Descr
5ELSE else
6ENDIF endif
10CHANGE_SCENE object character 1 fade direction change to scene
12CHANGE_CHARACTER character 1 fade change to character
13START_DIALOG dialog start dialog
14STOP_DIALOG stop dialog
16EXIT_ACTION exit current action
19SHOW_HIDE_ANIMATION animation 0 show, 1 hide 1 reverse 1 wait show/hide animation
22WAITON_ANIMATION animation wait animation
23SHOW_TEXT text character 0 normal, 1 background show character text
24PLAY_SOUND bus volume balance wait if 1 sound play sound
30MAKE_PAUSE value pause 0 ms, 1 sec, 2 min pause
31CHARACTER_GOTO character object 1 wait goto object
32WAITON_CHARACTER character wait until character stopped
45SET_COMMAND command 0 set given command, 1 set standard command, 2 set next command set command
46SHOW_SCENE scene 1 fade show scene
47CHARACTER_GOTO_XY character x y 1 wait goto position
48SCROLL_SCENE object scroll to object
49SCROLL_SCENE_XY x y scroll to point (upper-left)
50SET_CHARACTER_TO_OBJECT character or current character object direction or -1 = object direction set character to object
51CHANGE_OUTFIT outfit 1 don't unload animations change outfit
52CHANGE_COMMENTSET comment set character or current character change comment set
53CHANGE_LANGUAGE language change to language
54SHOW_CHARACTER character 1 fade show scene of character
55QUIT_GAME quit game
56SHOW_HIDE_INTERFACE interface class 0 show, 1 hide, 2 toggle show/hide interface class
58ALIGN_CHARACTER character or current character object direction align character (to object)
59SET_MUSIC scene or current scene volume balance fade time music set scene music / fade
60SET_SCROLLCHARACTER character 0 center character, 1 don't set scroll character
66PLAY_VIDEO 0 auto pause and continue sounds, 1 pause, 2 continue, 3 stop video play video
69IF_VALUE value compare value 0 ==, 1 !=, 2 <=, 3 <, 4 >=, 5 > or value if value is
70SET_VALUE value set value 0 =, 1 +=, 2 -=, 3 *=, 4 /= or value set value to
71SHOW_TEXT_XY text font x y 0 normal, 1 background show speaker text
72PLAY_LOOPED_SOUND bus volume balance sound play sound and loop
73STOP_SOUND sound stop sound
77CHANGE_SOUND_SETTINGS volume balance sound change sound volume/balance
78GOTO 0 relative, 1 absolute offset jump to action part
79IF_CHARACTER character if character is current character
80REMOVE_ALL_ITEMS_FROM_CHARACTER character or current character remove all items from character
81GIVE_ALL_ITEMS_TO_CHARACTER character character target give all items to
82SET_CHARACTERSPEED character speed set speed of current outfit
83SET_RANDOM_VALUE value min max set random value
84IF_CHARACTER_ON_SCENE character scene or current scene if character is on scene
85FOLLOW_CHARACTER character or current character action 0 character follows current character, 1 current character follows distance follow character
86STOP_FOLLOW character stop following
87STOP_CHARACTER character stop walking
88CHANGE_WALKINGSOUND character or current character sound change walking sound
89CHANGE_FONT character or current character font change character font
90CHANGE_INTERFACE interface show all interfaces with interface class
92IF_LANGUAGE language if language is current
94SET_CURSOR cursor set cursor
95IF_COMMAND command if command is current
96CHARACTER_GOTO_XYP character x y 1 wait goto position
97CHARACTER_GOTO_P character object 1 wait goto object
98HIDE_CHARACTER character or current character 0 show, 1 hide show/hide character
99SAVE_OBJECT save object to VGameSavedObject
100EXEC_SAVEDOBJECT left click onto saved object
103IF_CURRENT_OBJECT 0 exists, 1 not exists, 2 scene object, 3 item, 4 character if current object is
105SET_ACTIVE_SPRITE button 0 inactive, 1 active set active sprite
106CLEAR_SAVEDOBJECT clear saved object
107SKIP_CURRENT_TEXT skip current text
110SET_FADE_EFFECT fade effect #transitions delay set fade effect
111FADE_OBJECT object value visibility time fade object
112FADE_INTERFACE interface class visibility time fade interface
114SET_LIGHTMAP scene fadetime lightmap set lightmap
115SET_BRIGHTNESS scene brightness set scene brightness
116FADE_CHARACTER character value visibility time fade character
117SET_PICKUP_ITEM item 1 dragged set pickup item
119WAITON_CHARACTER_GOTO character object send to object and wait
121DELETE_SAVEGAME 0 savegame, 1 autosave autosave nr delete savegame/autosave
123IF_SAVEGAME_EXISTS 0 selected savegame, 1 below cursor, 2 any, 3 autosave autosave nr if savegame exists
124SET_CHARACTERANIM_INDEX character or current character index set anim index
125WAITON_SOUND sound wait until sound finished
126SET_HORIZONTAL_SCROLLABLE_AREA scene or current scene left right set horizontal scroll area
127SET_VERTICAL_SCROLLABLE_AREA scene or current scene top bottom set vertical scroll area
131SET_TEXT_OUTPUT #text-output set text output
132SET_CHARACTER_TO_POSITION character or current character scene or current scene x y direction set character to position
133CHANGE_WAYSYSTEM waysystem set waysystem
134SET_FIRST_ANIMATION_FRAME animation first frame set first animation frame
135SET_LAST_ANIMATION_FRAME animation last frame set last animation frame
136SET_TEXT_SPEED value or int set text speed
137CALL_SCRIPT script execute script link
138EXECUTE_SCRIPT script execute script text
139SET_CONDITION condition 0 true, 1 false, 2 toggle set condition to
140IF_CONDITION condition 0 is true, 1 is false if condition is
141SHOW_HIDE_CURSOR 0 show, 1 hide show/hide cursor
142SHOW_HIDE_INTERFACES 0 show, 1 hide show/hide all interfaces
143START_STOP_EARTHQUAKE 0 start, 1 stop force speed start/stop earthquake
144BEGIN_END_CUTSCENE 0 begin, 1 end begin/end cutscene
145LOAD_SAVE_BOOKMARK 0 load, 1 save autosave nr load/save autosave
146LOAD_SAVE_GAME 0 load, 1 save 1 save current action 1 save current action load/save game
147SET_VOLUME 0 sound vol, 1 music vol, 2 speech vol, 3 movie vol, 4 global vol 0 =, 1 +=, 2 -= volume set volume
148CALL_EXIT_ACTION action 0 call, 1 exit call/exit action
149PRELOAD_UNLOAD_ANIMATION animation 0 preload, 1 unload preload animation
150ADD_REMOVE_ITEM item character or current character 0 add, 1 remove 1 scroll to item add/remove item
151SCROLL_SAVEGAMES 0 forward, 1 backwards scroll savegames
152SET_ANIMATION_POSITION animation x y 0 =, 1 +=, 2-= set animation position
153SHOW_HIDE_SNOOP_ANIMATIONS 0 show, 1 hide fade delay show/hide snoop animations
154PRELOAD_UNLOAD_CHARACTER character 0 preload, 1 unload preload whole character
155SHOW_OBJECT_TEXT text object x y alignment #text-alignment font show object text
156HIDE_OBJECT_TEXT object hide object text
157WAITON_CHARACTER_TEXT character wait until character stopped talking
158MOVE_OBJECT object moveX moveY duration move object relative
159MOVE_OBJECT_TO object moveToX moveToY duration move object to
160IF_CHARACTER_IS_ALIGNED_TO character or current character alignment rangeType range if character is aligned to
161IF_CHARACTER_HAS_ITEM character item if character has item
162FADE_TO_COLOR time visibility color fade to color
163IF_LUA expression if lua expression is true
164WAITON_VALUE_CHANGED value compare value or value 0 changed, 1 ==, 2 !=, 3 <=, 4 <, 5 >=, 6 > wait until value changed
165WAITON_CONDITION_CHANGED condition 0 changed, 1 true, 2 false wait until condition changed
166FADE_SOUND volume duration sound fade sound
167TWEEN_VALUE value value to to duration tween value to
168SET_OUTPUT_BUS bus character or current character set output bus of character
169FADE_BUS bus 0 fade in, 1 fade out duration 0 linear, 1 square root, 2 pow6, 3 quadratic fade bus